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Tall Buildings Design Guide & Three Spires View Management Framework Supplementary Planning Document
This SPD supports Local Plan and City Centre Area Action Plan policies by setting out key design considerations in respect of proposals for tall buildings in the City. The SPD also includes the definitions of key viewing corridors toward the City’s three spires, delivering an evidence base on which to asses new proposals impacts upon these views.

03 Aug 2022 - 14 Sep 2022
Local Listing of Heritage Assets
Further to receipt of nominations for Local Listing, public comment is now sought on these submissions alongside internal assessments. For further information on the Local Listing process and criteria please refer to :

03 Aug 2022 - 14 Sep 2022
Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMO)
This consultation is for the Development Plan Document and Article 4 Direction

20 Sep 2022 - 15 Nov 2022
Householder Design Guide SPD
The Householder Design Guide SPD supports Local Plan design policies by setting out what the Council considers to be good residential design. Its purpose is to provide guidance for householders and their agents in setting out principles for extending their home. The Guide sits alongside, and should be read in conjunction with, other design guidance documents the Council has published.

09 Dec 2022 - 27 Jan 2023
Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Development Plan Document (DPD) Submission Draft
This consultation is for the Regulation 19 stage for the Homes in Multiple Occupation Development Plan Document.

27 Mar 2023 - 15 May 2023