Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document

Chapter 8: Management, Affordability and Perpetuity

Registered Providers

8.1 Affordable homes available for Social or Affordable Rent and Shared Ownership (as part of an intermediate product) must be offered up to a Registered Provider (previously known as a Registered Social Landlord) to manage and make properties available at a discounted rate. Coventry City Council does not manage or own any affordable homes and, as such, these products must be offered up to a Registered Provider through the legal framework of a Section 106 Agreement.

8.2 Coventry City Council have a preferred list of Registered Providers. These Providers are organisations that we are well established in the City and have a strong relationship with the Council in providing affordable homes in the city.

8.3 These preferred Registered Providers are as follows:

  • Citizen Housing
  • Midland Heart
  • Orbit
  • Stonewater
  • Optivo
  • Clarion

8.4 If for any reason an applicant/developer wishes to offer their affordable housing provision to a Provider not referenced on the list above, evidence and details of this provider will need to be made available. It will need to be shown whether the provision of affordable housing is deliverable with an alternative Registered Provider. It is at the Council’s discretion to accept an alternative provider and the preference is to work with a listed Provider.

Community-Led Affordable Housing Delivery

8.5 It is recognised that where management constraints exist that prevent Registered Providers from entering into management regime of Affordable/Social Rent on a residential development site, options need to be considered to ensure that on-site provision can be delivered and maintained.

8.6 Community-led affordable housing may provide an alternative option in ensuring the delivery of physical affordable homes on a residential site.

8.7 Coventry City Council will work with community groups to deliver 100% affordable housing schemes and as alternative organisations to act as managing bodies for on-site Affordable/Private Rented or shared-ownership properties. Furthermore, the same community-led organisations will be encouraged to offer housing units on an intermediate basis, across a variety of tenure types, including discounted properties at-point of sale.

Other Affordable Products

8.8 Availability and management arrangements for other affordable housing types vary according to their tenure.

8.9 It is considered that the provision of affordable, private rented accommodation will be retained and managed by the developer (also known as Built to Rent or Private Rented Sector). Agreements are made between tenants and the managing-developer directly on a discounted basis to ensure affordability in perpetuity.

8.10 The availability of intermediate products, including shared ownership, equity loans and discounted market sale will be directly via the developer and/or housebuilder. However, it is expected that the basis of this intermediate provision will reflect particular arrangements of the product and the developers.

8.11 It is considered that the new developments, which will include affordable housing provision on-site, will also offer an appropriate number of Starter Homes for those eligible to benefit from discounts provides through the Starter Homes scheme.

8.12 The Council also considers the delivery of self-build homes can contribute towards the affordable housing needs of the city. This is able to provide bespoke homes that are available on an affordable basis in perpetuity.

Affordability, Occupancy and Perpetuity

8.13 A legal agreement will maintain rental levels, service costs and shared ownership fees that are truly affordable. The Council requires that prior to the marketing of affordable homes, the housing team should be contacted to agree the market values and so the discount in accordance with national requirements.

8.14 Where a Registered Provider is not involved in the perpetual management of an Affordable rented product, a legal agreement will be required to secure that affordable rental levels are maintained for future residents. However, any Social Rented units must be managed in perpetuity by a Registered Provider.

8.15 If affordable housing provision is removed, or withdrawn due to redevelopment or other such action, the Council requires replacement provision within the City. If physical replacement provision has been demonstrated as undeliverable, a clawback payment will be required. This will be calculated in line with the provisions of Planning Practice Guidance Paragraph: 008 Reference ID: 60-008-20180913[1] .

8.16 Eligibility of occupancy will be based on the Council’s own framework of housing need, which informs the housing register for those residents registering need for social housing.

1. Planning Practice Guidance [back]