Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 The Coventry Local Plan 2017 establishes the strategic objective to deliver sufficient affordable housing development in the city. It recognises the need to provide housing which is truly affordable for Coventry’s residents and delivers on the aspirations and objectives of the Coventry City Council Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2014.

1.2 This Supplementary Planning Document (known thereafter as the ‘SPD’), provides additional and enhanced detail on the strategic policies of the Coventry Local Plan 2017 which seek to deliver sufficient affordable housing to meet the identified need of the City. Specifically, this SPD will provide further supplementary guidance to Policy H6 Affordable Housing of the adopted Local Plan 2017.

1.3 It should be noted that although this SPD does not form part of the Development Plan of the Council, it is a material consideration that will be utilised to determine planning applications where affordable housing is a relevant issue. The Glossary at Annex 2 of the National Planning Policy Framework (2021), defines Supplementary planning documents as follows;

Supplementary planning documents: Documents which add further detail to the policies in the development plan. They can be used to provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues, such as design. Supplementary planning documents are capable of being a material consideration in planning decisions but are not part of the development plan.”

1.4 Therefore, applicants wishing to deliver residential development of any scale, should refer to this SPD to ensure that they meet requirements set out in policy of the Coventry Local Plan 2017.

1.5 The Council is conducting a period of consultation to ensure that interest parties, local residents and others may provide representations to the SPD consultation to help inform its preparation.

1.6 This consultation has been held under the provisions of the City Council’s Statement of Community Involvement.

1.7 Delivering sufficient affordable homes over the Plan period to 2031 is a key objective of the Coventry Local Plan 2017 spatial strategy. The aim of this SPD is to facilitate the delivery of affordable homes and meet the needs of the city as recognised in 2015 Joint SHMA and the Affordable Housing Economic Viability Assessment. The additional guidance provided within this document should clarify particular requirement areas and streamline the process in agreeing affordable housing delivery; affordability types and tenures, dwelling design, management structures and Section 106 Agreements.

1.8 This SPD is designed to simplify the complex process of delivering affordable homes through the planning system. Whilst multiple parties are required to work together in realising this delivery, it is considered that this SPD will provide a rationalisation of this process and establish clarification of the policy requirements of the City Council. The utilisation of this SPD alongside early negotiations with the Council will speed-up the planning process and result in quicker permissions. This is to the advantage of all parties involved and demonstrates a positive approach to planning.