Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Coventry City Council is now consulting on a proposed new Development Plan Document (DPD), this DPD contains a set of new proposed policies that will be used in relation to deciding the outcomes of planning applications for new HMOs. In conjunction with the DPD, Coventry City Council will be introducing an Article 4 Direction (see below for an explanation).

The Development Plan Document represents the first stage of introducing new Planning Policy as part of the plan preparation process known as Regulation 18 (Issues and preferred option). The DPD is accompanied by an Equality and Health Impact assessment and Scoping and Screening reports for Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment. This DPD and supporting documents has been informed by an evidence base which can be found on the Planning Policy Consultation Page (

The DPD Document can be found below under the sub-heading 'Structured Document'. If you have comments to make on this you should add them in in the ‘comments’ boxes provided in each section, please do NOT just send us a word or PDF document with your representations as this will be sent back to you and you will asked to add your comments in online. You are able to upload supporting documents if you so wish. Comments relating to the Article 4 direction, Equality and Health Impact Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal / Habitats Regulations Assessment screening need to be made using our comments form. These can be found in the 'Consultation Documents' section below. The comments form can be found below under 'supporting documents'.

Article 4 Direction - Consultation Statement September 2022

Purpose of the document

This consultation statement has been prepared to explain what an Article 4 Direction is; what the Council is seeking to achieve with this Article 4 Direction; and why the Council considers it necessary. The statement will also explain how interested parties can get involved in the process. 

What is an Article 4 Direction? 

Not all forms of development require planning permission from the Council. 

Some types of development benefit from what are commonly called “permitted development rights”. These are set out in the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (as amended). 

However, where a Local Planning Authority (the Council) considers it necessary, it can make a direction under Article 4 of this legislation (an Article 4 direction) to over-ride the national allowances. 

The introduction of an Article 4 Direction does not mean that proposed alterations or development types will be refused, however it establishes the need for planning permissions to be sought for those elements covered under the direction.

What does this Article 4 Direction relate to?

Currently, under ‘Permitted Development’ rules, planning permission is not required for the change of use a family dwelling to a small HMO (less than 6 unrelated occupants in a single dwelling). The introduction of an Article 4 Direction will withdraw these permitted development rights, so planning permission will need to be obtained before the use can be changed. The Article 4 Direction will apply to eleven wards in Coventry.

Why is this Article 4 Direction considered necessary? 

The 11 wards to which the Article 4 direction will apply  have been identified as having especially high concentrations of HMOs already, so the impacts of further changes would need to be very carefully considered to assess whether or not this might negatively affect the surrounding are.

What happens now?

The Council must consult on its intention to introduce an Article 4 direction for six weeks. After this period, it will consider any comments that have been made, and a report will be presented to Committee lead by the relevant Cabinet Member. If this Committee agrees that it is appropriate to impose the Article 4 direction, a decision will be made confirming the Article 4 Direction will be introduced. The Direction will then come in to force no sooner than the 1st July 2022. 

Once the Article 4 Direction is in place, will it be possible to make changes to my property? 

If the Article 4 Direction proposed is brought into force, certain elements of permitted development rights will be removed, this means that should you wish to undertake works of the type covered by the Article 4 Direction, planning permission will be required to be sought from the Local Planning Authority.

The introduction of an Article 4 Direction does not itself suggest that alterations will be refused, rather that permissions will be required and proposals will be assessed in regard to their impact upon the character of the Conservation Area.


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    20 Sep 2022 at 11:00
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    15 Nov 2022 at 23:59

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