Draft Energy Supplementary Planning Document

Energy SPD SEA Screening for consultation

The Energy SPD: Context

2.1 The Draft Energy SPD sets out further detail on existing policies contained within the Coventry City Council Local Plan. The Local Plan is the City Council's statutory planning framework which sets out how and where new homes, jobs, services and infrastructure will be delivered and the type of places and environments that will be created, enhanced and protected.

2.2 Providing further guidance on building standards as they relate to carbon reduction and climate change over the Plan period to 2031 is a key commitment set out in Policy EM2 (Building Standards) of the adopted Coventry Local Plan. The aim of this SPD is to provide technical guidance on energy standards and requirements to improve the environmental sustainability of new development in the city.

2.3 The additional guidance provided within the SPD aims to provide clear information for applicants about policy requirements and expectations, clearly set out what detail the council expects developers to provide to assist the decision - making process and to encourage developers to promote excellence and best practice in sustainable development.