Biodiversity Net Gain Supplementary Planning Document

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Biodiversity Net Gain Supplementary Planning Document

2: The Biodiversity Net Gain SPD: Context

2.1 The Draft Biodiversity Net Gain SPD sets out further detail on existing policies contained within the adopted Coventry City Council Local Plan, in particular Policy GE1 (Green Infrastructure), Policy GE3 (Biodiversity, Geological, Landscape and Archaeological Conservation) and Policy DS4 (Part A: General Masterplan principles) The Local Plan is the City Council’s statutory planning framework which sets out how and where new homes, jobs, services and infrastructure will be delivered and the type of places and environments that will be created, enhanced and protected.

2.2 Requiring developers to provide open space as part of their proposals is a key requirement of Policies GE1, GE3 and DS4 of the adopted Coventry Local Plan as set out above.

2.3 The SPD is designed to assist prospective developers and applicants by providing guidance on how proposals can demonstrate they have met the requirements of planning policy related to biodiversity net gain in Coventry. By providing this information upfront Coventry City Council intends to provide additional clarity in the development process and ensure that negotiating obligations is based on a clear and consistent approach.